Friday, March 06, 2015

Big Bob Burger Coffee , D'Pulz , Cyberjaya

Drinks or Coffee Menu

Menu 1

Menu 2

Menu 3

Environment of the Cafe

Environment take 2

Hot Mocha

Not Bad!

Classic Cheese Burger
(Chicken or Beef)

Good Combination.
I took Chicken patty.
And this is Ala Cart.
If you want the burger to come in a set, you will have to add another RM4.90.


Hot Cappuccino

As I do not like additional toppings on my coffee
And I do not know this coffee shop will put toppings on my coffee

Hence, Cinnamon Powder is added on my coffee
Please ask them not to add the Cinnamon Powder on your coffee.


Hand roll Meatball


Aglio Olio


Hot Cappuccino

The coffee is good when it is without the cinnamon powder.

Most Wanted Burger Set

RM24.90 Ala Cart

Top up another additional RM4.90 for fries and softdrink

Bob's Burger

RM22.90 Ala Cart

The differences between Bob's Burger and Classic Cheese Burger is:-
Bob's Burger is with Egg 
Classic Cheese Burger is with Onion

Difference of RM1 

Price as of 3rd March 2015

UG-22 & UGK-01, UG Floor,
DPULZE Shopping Center,

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