Monday, September 22, 2014

AMPM Cafe USJ 21

Was on the way back from Main Place USJ 21 and bumped into this new cafe. The person in charge said that the shop operated not even a month old. Their operating business hour is 11am to 11pm on a weekday, and 10am to 11pm on a weekend. 

Cinnamon Cappuccino

The Menus for the Drinks. 

The Menus for the Foods. 
And the Manager emphasized that Big Breakfast is served all day. 
He also said that he will change the name of the Big Breakfast. 

The environment at the ground floor. Take 1.

Take 2. 

The Environment Upstairs. Take 1. 

Take 2. 

Take 3.

Take 4.
There are nice mural art on the wall too. 

Take 5.

Take 6. 

Smells Good.

~The Big Breakfast~
Its Good! Worth It!
The Sweet Potato is yummy and crunchy on the outside. 
If you love Sweet Potato.
The Sausage is spicy though. 
The Citrus Beef Bacon is good. 

The Coffee Bean that is currently served by them is Raven's Coffee Beans.

The manager is friendly, will definitely come back to try the coffee again. 

Address: 11A, Jalan USJ21/5
Tel: 03-8081 9121

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