Friday, May 28, 2010

Hennessy Artistry 2010

28th May 2010

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first Hennessy Artistry kick off at The Opera Club in Sunway Pyramid on the 19th of March 2010.. that was like two to three months ago.. hahha.. so sorry laa.. no time to post it.. LOL!! so here u go.. haha... i was damn happie.. coz that was the first time going for Hennessy Artistry Event and going to The Opera Club! woots~ we are given with free flow of Hennessy for that nite.. hahha

Sign Board

this is the poster


the stage setting outside of The Opera Club


Registration for Media & Bloggers..


the wristband

Blogger & VVIP Area


me me me

Lemon in Glass

lime in Hennessy Glass...

Hennessy Logo

Hennessy Big Size

Hennessy in Big Bottle

The Opera Club Dance Floor

The Dance Floor :D

Carrying Hennessy Big Bottle

like carrying a baby oni.. hahha

Jeremy Choy aka bboyrice

Jeremy Choy posing..hahha

Hennessy Artistry press conference Blogger Area

Display Hennessy @ Conference Area

Hennessy Ginger

Ginger Hennessy anyone? =D

Conference Area With Blogger

Nigel Tee, Xiang, Zues & me

The Bloggers!

The Bloggers!

Me & Nigel Tee

Me & Nigel Tee

Conference Area With Big Hennessy Bottle

Bunk Face Performing


Shawn Lee

Shawn Lee

Blogger's Area in The Opera Club


Zoe, Jackie, Vic & Jessica


Zues, Vic Pang, Samantha & JohnYKT


Jeremy Choy, Aaron Kee, Jacquelyn Ho & Alex Goh


Joshua, Leonard, Vic & Shaun

<span class=

Leonard, Simon, Jackie Loi & Jason Ong

Me & Leonard Chua

Leonard Chua & Me..
he's one of the band members from An Honest Mistake..

Dance Floor

the Dance floor..
pack like Sardine fish.. haha

that nite most of us went off early.. coz nothing much to do liao... n some friend stay kinda far.. so need to go back earlier.. n thank god we left earlier.. police came to ruin the event.. LOL!!!

signing off,

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